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Business Domain

Startup Bussiness,R&D Contract Development

Activelink since its foundation has collaborated with universities and companies, too. Some examples include:

1) Power Assist Device to support air hammer forging process in Makoto Industries Ltd (Gifu).
Research was done under the 2006~2008: METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry) Fundamental Technology Advancement Business Support

2) Man machine synergy effector (Power finger, power effector, power pedal) for Ritsumeikan University Faculty of Science & Technology Kaneoka Lab Power finger and Power effector shown at the International Expo in Aichi.

3) Foot Joint Force Variable Shoes VIVOT for Oriental Shoes Co. (Yamatokoriyama, Nara) Research was done under the NEDO Industrial technology Practical Application Grand 2003-2005

4) Musculoskeletal motion experimental kit AL A learning material for practical scientific experiments to learn about the movement of bones and muscles.
Size: 700mm
Contents: a model of the human arm, a rubber muscle, a syringe, a valve

Dual Arm Power Amplification Robot
Power Amplification System
Musculoskeletal motion experimental kit AL
Power effector
Forging Operation Auxiliary System
Rehabilitation equipment
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